March 9th, 2023

South Florida Business Expo 2023

South Florida Business Conference

Fort Lauderdale


Put Your BUSINESS, Your BRAND, Your PRODUCTS & SERVICES in the SPOTLIGHT at the 2023 South Florida Business Conference & EXPO

Welcome to
Champion Mindset.

Turning local experts into, income-generating, globally recognized speakers & coaches for over 40 years.

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Mentor Program

Combining proven results &
the latest technology.

360˚ of Speaker Servicing

Story-Telling &
Stage Presentation

Style Branding & Marketing Campaign

Networking &
Deal Structuring

Live, Virtual & Hybrid Events

Monetizing Video & Podcast Series

Physical & Digital Income Products

Legendary Trainers & Speakers

Creating income for virtual and live coaches.

Professional speaking, sales & marketing, training, along with personally cultivated networks from over 40 YEARS convention & event hosting.

Champion Mindset Events & Media Group

The business of Speaking

Creating income for virtual and live coaches.

Master Story-Telling & Stage Presenting

Tell your story with purpose, ease & consistency.

Access over 100k Professionals on the Champion Media Network

Host events that bring value and income.

Create Simple Digital Products & Subscription Groups

Create automated income streams.

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cHampion Affiliate Marketing & Sales Program

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Champion's 3 Day Rally
@ Hard Rock Stadium, Hollywood Fl
Nov. 5th, 6th, 7th

Celebrate an incredible Pre-Game Speaker & Vendor conference Hosted at the Hard Rock on GAMEDAY!

3-Day Speaker Summit Special
Long Island, NY

Day 1 & 2:
Speaker Intensive
Day 3:
Business & Sales Conference

Current Series:

Adventures In Medicine

September - Decemember 2021

Top Doc Sq

TopDoc Showcase
Miami, FL

Learn about the latest income generating tools that are helping doctors around the world.

Boston BiolLife 2

Boston BioLife
September 24th – 26th
San Diego, CA

Host at the incredible  Mission Bay Resort Corranado, California. Study the patients and positioning of your practice in your community

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