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The Eric Stoller Show

Hosted by Eric Stoller, CEO of Champion Mindset

Find out the secret to closing multi-million dollar deals DAILY! Learn how to construct a value proposition based on need from the best and brightest business professionals in the industry.

Peace Love and Bring a Bat

Hosted by David Chametzky, New York Regional Director for Champion Mindset

Peace and love is in abundance on our journeys, but what if sometimes you just need to bring a bat to the party and take a stand for the things you hold closest in order to find that balance. 

Dennis Wong

Medical Specialist, Business Owner, Social Media Influencer

Full-Time medical professional, part-time social media influencer, Dr. Dennis Wong has taken his love for people into a whole new direction. Hosting over 27k followers on TikToc, he has other professionals wondering what they can do to catch up!

Gen. Anthony Tata

Pentagon Member, Former Secretary of Defense

Leadership is best carried out by those that understand what it means to serve. Take an inside look at one of the most influential minds in modern military warfare while he takes you on a tour of his favorite surfing destinations around the world.

Terry Robiskie

50yr Legendary NFL Coach and Trainer

Teamwork takes on a whole new meaning when over 100 of the biggest, strongest, fast professional athletes are trusting you to take them all the way to the championship. Tour the mind of Legendary Coach Terry Robiskie as paints the stories of a 50yr NFL Career.

Dr. Patrick Porter

Champion Mindset Executive Medical Partner

Details coming soon

Brandy O'Neal

Creative Director & Idenpendent Business Coordinator

From incredible creative designs to the most detailed income and business development plans, Brandy O’Neal has taken that stage and has no intentions of giving it back. Listen her and her esteemed discuss what it means to make a true impact in business today.  


Hosted by Jason King, Executive Sponsorship Intern for Champion Mindset

The tough streets of Delaware and a loving family combined to create the ultimate hustler. Burdened with the daily desire to create unlimited wealth while helping fellow entrepreneurs build their businesses, Jason King has an income model like none other.

Profit From Your Personality

Hosted by, Errol Chung, CEO of Miami DMT, CMO of Champion Mindset

Build a profitable, easy to operate, consistent cash flow from your home talking to the most amazing people in the world. Sound impossible? Find out how from the person that spent 25yrs doing exactly that.

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