Create ways for sponsors to pay you

This is where the REAL money starts.

Getting sponsors to pay you.


What you will learn in this section.

What have we covered this far in the training program? 

What IS a Pitch Deck?

What is included in a Pitch deck – and Why?

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What is a Pitch Deck.

A Pitch Deck is a visual explanation to a potential sponsor exactly what the value of your podcast is and what it means to them. It explains key areas such as demographic reach, audience size and frequency of posting. It also assures them that your podcast is technically and managerially able to sustain and grow. This means that their investment will continue to deliver new clients to them far into the future even if something should happen to you personally.

What is included in a Pitch Deck.

  • Title
  • Problem/opportunity
  • Value proposition
  • Underlying magic
  • Business model
  • Go to market plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Management team
  • Financial projection + key metrics
  • Testimonial, accomplishments, awards

How to use a Pitch Deck

Once you know which businesses also service the needs of

your target audience, create a list and try to find business like them on social media. Social media is a great place to start looking because you can take a look at their current marketing strategy. Are they flashy or reserved? Is there a singular or “MAIN” offer that they make consistently? Do they have a social media presence at all or is their ideas kind of scattered? Once you identify a good match, call them directly and ask to send your Pitch Deck to the marketing manager.




  • Review (*if necessary) Finding Your Target Audience. 
  • Outline exactly who your target is. Leave no stone unturned. Outline their education, employment, family dynamic and anything else you can use to identify them.
  • Consider what other types of companies would also benefit from this reaching this audience. What business, personal or service needs do these audience members have in common. 
  • Start constructing a list of those businesses. These will be your target when you start prospecting for sponsors. 
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