Find people that want what you offer

2nd Step to Monetizing your target audience...

Find people that want what you offer!


What you will learn in this section.

What is the REAL value you provide?

How to rapidly assess and target a potential buyer. 

How Asking A LOT of questions can bring in a lot of money.

Offer to help – let people know you are available.

Do not miss any opportunities to sell.


Be yourself.

You have an amazing back-story. Who you are and what you've been through shape every decision you make. Share stories more than quote facts to build a personal, trust based relationship.

Be proud of your business.

You have embarked on a media empire that is based in people knowing who you are and what you stand for. Be proud of your desire to aspire and let people how they can invest in you.

Perfection takes practice.

Very few people start out at a task, immediately master it, the move on in boredom. This path, hosting your own show will come with many unsettling times. But the knowledge that YOU are in control of your financial future removes that doubt.



  • Take a look at your target audience. Describe them in 3-4 lifestyles and see if you can show value to them. 
  • Create a high-income earner, a low-income earner, a single adult and an adult with a large family. 
  • Construct unique sales pitches for each group that show how your product to service can help them. 
  • Save that recording as an MP3 and upload it to Anchor.FM as an advertisement and let listeners know that YOU HAVE ADS SPACE FOR SALE.
Call for specials!