Find Your Target Audience

The secret to finding you're perfect audience is...

Finding people you like!


What you will learn in this section.

How to determine WHO you truly enjoy speaking to and why.

Creating intersesting ways to create solutions they need.

Begin to learn how to isolate HIGH income earners within your Target Audience. 

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Why is finding people you like important?

The more you enjoy a particular topic, the more time you spend on that item. The same goes for people. The more you know about them, the more inclined you will be to learn about them. Their habits, their likes, dislikes, and event their particular tastes in entertainment, music, food and more.

With this knowledge, it would be easy to create content that they would find relevant.

How to find solutions for your audience.

With a strong understanding of WHO you are talking to and what their interests are, it is an easy transition to understand the opposite.

Understanding your audience's "Pain Points" is essential in creating a clever, sustatinable, podcast. Constantly finding ways to make your favorite people happier is a sure route to your own personal happiness and limitless income.



  • Take a deep look at the people in your life with whom you enjoy spending the most time.
  • Create a short list of their similarities and try to find a pattern; some personal trait they all have in common. 
  • Speak to them directly, or try to recall from personal conversation, what has hurt them the most. Again, try to create a pattern to determine similar Pain Points. 
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