How do “Normal People” get shows?

Have you ever watched a tv show and thought...

I can to that!

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How do "Normal" people get shows?

Do you have what it takes to host a talk show? Do you know what the requirements are of your time, resources and mental focus?

In this lesson, we will discuss the massive shift in understanding what it really means to create something out of nothing. 

We will teach you how it is possible for some individuals to get paid for just sharing casual conversations with highly accomplished professionals.

We will teach you the secret to becoming a star!

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Do you have what it takes to host a show?

What defines a celebrity?

What is it that makes some people the golden idol to so many. How is "being famous" a career in itself? Find out in this session.

What defines a show host?

Some people are certified celebrities in their field and some people spend their whole career, making millions of dollars, just talking to these people.

What defines a show?

When you are being paid to do what you love for an audience that respects you for what you do, you have a show. Creating content that entertains, informs and get's you paid.

How to get started.

Your PRIMARY role as a show host.

What is the ONE PRIMARY job of any great host? The one shared trait between all the greats and also kept their line-up full of the most successful people of all time.

How to define your target audience.

What type of person do you like to talk to the most? How do you create value for them on a consistent basis? How do you get them to share your content with other like-minded professionals?

How to select your guests.

  • What type of person would your audience love to hear from?
  • What type of solution or entertainment do they offer to your audience once the episode has ended?
  • Do they currently have a moderate to a large sphere of influence? Whether direct or social media.

Learn all of this, and more, in this session!

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