How & What to Sell

What is the fastest, easiest way make money with podcasts?

Sell advertisements!

What you will learn in this section.

Understand your Target Audience. 

Understand what their pain points are day-to-day.

Find businesses that offer solutions to these pain points. 

Change those business (single or recurring) fees to promote to your audience. 

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Sell Ads

Understanding who your audience is gives you the amazing opportunity to suggest solutions. Find businesses that are willing to pay to reach your audience and offer them a simple ad solution.

Sell sponsorships

Find businesses that are looking for more than a one-off ad package and bring them into the fold. Offer them exclusive interviews, the opportunity to host Challanges and games and more.

Charge for interviews

Find individual business owners that do not have large marketing budgets and allow them the opportunity to pitch their product, service, or skill to your audience in a 1:1 interview format.


  • Take the steps to understand the deeper value of your audience.
  • Find out what they like and dislike most about their day-to-day lives.
  • Start looking for business that offer solutions to those issues and target them for sponsorships by giving them access to your audience.
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