King Kang – Podcast


From the streets of Deleware to international busines offices world-wide.

Episode 1

Money IS Energy.

Guest appearance by Errol Chung, CMO of Champion Mindset Events.

Episode 2

Get paid for being happy.

Guest appearance by Errol Chung, CMO of Champion Mindset Events.

Jason King

Hosted by Jason King, Executive Sponsorship Intern for Champion Mindset​

The tough streets of Delaware and a loving family combined to create the ultimate hustler. Burdened with the daily desire to create unlimited wealth while helping fellow entrepreneurs build their businesses, Jason King has an income model like none other.

Private Coaching Group:

What are the primary philosophies that lead local business leaders today? Join us for an upbeat, energetic, informational, and opportunity-packed few minutes.

Great for a motivational boost or an eye-opening look at the way real money is made. Taught from the ground up by mentors and driven by a singular focus to find the secrets to everyday success, Jason King takes his inquisitive nature to the airwaves.

Funded by local sponsors & independent agents, Jason brings fresh new light to how the most successful people make daily decisions.

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Promote your local business, service skill or just share your opinion.

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