What do you want to show the world?

Nestled in the heart of North Miami Beach, Fl lays a hidden jewel like none other. A one-of-a-kind medical, media, podcast studio, training center & green screen recording center.

North Miami Beach Location

IM Champion Studios

1899 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Champion Mindset LLC

Suite: #103

1891 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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It's easier than ever to create and monetize your podcast.

Utilize our podcast studio to build your audience and brand value.

Tell your story to like-minded individuals and learn how to find the perfect sponsors for your content. Get paid for talk to who you want to, about what you want to, and get paid more than you’ve ever expected.

Simple options.
Simple process.
Simple success.

Just a few simple steps to start creating your own, fully monetized podcast. 

1-2-3-4 Guests

Set your stage for a solo show or up to 4 live guests.

Audio Only

Save your audio files on your own Micro SD card and get to work right away.

2-4-6 Hour Rental

Give yourself the time you need to be successful. Book. Work. Repeat.

Full Production

Bring your cams or have our production team setup a feature shoot .

Take a class.
Host a class.

Share your knowledge or pick up a new income idea from an expert.

Check out our upcoming course curriculum, expert advisors. interested in teaching? Contact us directly for room rental rates, special booking promos and more. 

Create the idea.
Choose your arena.
Tell your story.

It only takes 5-years (in-the-field) to be considered an expert. Get paid to share what you have learned on your journey.

Live Videographer

Perform your procedure on a live model with real results.

Meeting & Conference

Give your sales team the ultimate weapon with a live one-on-one or virtual training.

3d Interactive Backgrounds

Record to keep or stream your session on your own network.

Incredible Commercials

Bring your cams or have our production team setup a feature shoot .

Open your mind to the possibility of ANYTHING.

Take advantage of our special green room for the ultimate vitual experience.

Talk to students, professionals, colleagues,  about ways to improve their lives & business. 

Choose a theme.
Write your script.
Change the world.

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.

4K Green Screen Walls

Get crystal clear visuals, perfect contouring, and the ultimate final product.

10 Person Conference

Host up to 10 people in a shared virtual arena.

See in Real-Time

Watch yourself on the live monitor with the feature background running.

Product Demonstration

Bring your cams or have our production team setup a feature shoot .

Call for specials!