Quick Cash with Mini-Podcasts

What is the best workflow to simplify your podcast.

Easy as 1-2-3-4

What you will learn in this section.

How to simplify the podcast production workflow. 

How to profit from paid interviews.

How to create niche market value.

Create a “fast flow” from idea to implmentation.


Create a standard Intro & Outro.

Record yourself (or hire a Creative Designer from Fiverr) to create a professional, musical sequence to start and end your podcast.

Create a Income Call-To-Action

Record yourself selling your ad locations, sponsorship opportunities, and interview capabilities.

Use your Content Calendar Creator

If you are signed up for this course, you have access to our Content Calendar Creator. A tool specifically designed to help you create a never-ending list of amazing content.


  • Identify an industry or company that you would really enjoy working with. 
  • Create your customized intro and outro audios and save them for later. 
  • Reach out to an independent business person in that industry and ask them if they would like to do an interview (once your show is up and running.) Plant the seed of interest that you can go back to once everything is setup.
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