Setting up your podcast platform

Everything you need to run your podcast

is in the palm of your hand.


What you will learn in this section.

Your home studio rests in the palm of your hand. Your microphone, upload platform, audience targeting, even your sponsorship value creator. 

Your phone is the most important tool you can have in the podcast game. Don’t miss a single moment of opportunity in creating your next show. 

How to setup your podcast account on

+ How to create an account

+ How to create new episodes

+ How to monetize with advertisements 

Design Options:

Choose any platform you'd like.

There are hundreds of podcast platforms that offer similar (free and paid) services. We chose Anchor to setup ours. Please feel free to check the list below for more options.

Click the logo to access:

Create your account with

Anchor offers an easy to use, simplistic interface that allows content creators to quickly, and systematically build content ,upload it, and automatically distribute it.

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Custom podcast cover art with

Once you have decided on your theme, focus, and your target audience visit our friends at Fiverr to create a professional, beautiful cover logo for your podcast.

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  • Create your podcast account and take some time to become familiar with how it works.
  • If you’d like examine other podcast platforms from the list above to see if there are any others that may interest you. 
  • Check out Anchor’s main YouTube page for tutorials, ideas, and resources. 
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