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What you will learn in this section.

What you will learn:

Strategies to great cover art.

How to name your episodes to get the most views

What is already included with Anchor.FM

Using your personal social media

“Personal Opinion” on Paid Advertisements

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Strategies to great cover art.

Create clever call-to-action over art that keeps the consistency of the brand style combined with the uniqueness of the episode title. Lots of different themes to choose from.

How to name your episodes to get the most views.

Creating-names-that-search-engines-find-easily is not a secret. Find out here, exactly what it takes to keep your content on the top of organic search responses.

What is already included with Anchor.FM.

Anchor.FM already comes with around 10 distribution platforms that YOU NEED TO ATTACH. The two most important ones are Apple Itunes and Google Play.

Using your personal social media.

Create cover art and conversation that matches the context of your show, make sure you are connecting with the audience that you are targeting by understanding the platforms you post on.

“Personal Opinion” on Paid Advertisements.

Never Boost. That’s the equivalent of pully a slot matching handle in Vegas. May you win? SURE? Will you win, probably not. Take the time to test the response of your posts before you pay to promote.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Key words are important in making sure that people that are searching for information similar to what you are talking about in your show can find it. Make sure to use lots of key words in your show description.



  • Connect the Apple Itunes and Google Play in your Anchor.FM Account. 
  • Create an ADVERTISEMENT focused on the launching of your show.
  • Add the URL of your show to the Bio on all of your social media platforms. 
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