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Deal Evaluation & Consultation

Not sure if you are leaving money on the table, taken advantage of, or just want to make sure you are making most of the opportunity in front of you?

Have the Master of Multi-Million Deal negotiations review your next project live on the air or in a private 1:1 consultation.

Virtual Meeting Guest Speaker

Looking for a source of inspiration for your next virtual meeting, online discussion panel or professional networking group?

Listen to some of the most stories about how a young man from New Jersey grew his paper route at 13ys old to the multi-million dollar mega machine that is Champion Mindset.

Find out more about our private investment, strategy and business groups.

Eric Stoller along with his partners crafted a vision of creating a platform for Champions by Champions. Everyone should learn about the Champion’s Mindset and helping you have a Championship Life is our Purpose. Eric teaches strategies & techniques to book yourself solid, to create memorable events, and how to build your brand by collaborating with top talent, including high-profile experts & celebrities.

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