Leverage the Power of interviews

Easily, ereate an open gateway into any business office.

Leverage the power of interviews.


What you will learn in this section.

Media Vs. Marketing.

Connect with decision-makers.

Where to find experts, locally.

Getting past gate-keepers.


Biz Journals

Biz Journals are the centralized jouranalistic focus on the hottest, strongest, smartest & fastest growing companies in the country broken down by region and industry.

Professional Networking Groups

Finding professionals that are eager to talk about themselves are easy to find within local physical and online professional networking groups.

Chambers of Commerce

Often times, large businesses will send repersentatives to Chambers of Commerce groups in order to create solidarity with the community as well as find local talented individuals looking for growth.



  • Visit the BizJournals.com to find the one for your city (or closed metropolitan location)
  • Identify local professional networking groups that contain a majority of members that could be clients for you.
  • Practice your introduction in the mirror and get used to introducing yourself as a “Host of a Podcast”.
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